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Being a daughter of  diaspora has informed my concern with intergenerational knowledge. I produce art in a variety of mediums, including performance, installation, photo and video. Some projects may be considered alternative archives, collecting academic, ancestral or embodied knowledge and then recasting narratives. I  reject the notion of monolithic hxstory and seek to disrupt Eurocentric knowledge through projects that center silences and invisibilities that are local, global, personal and familial. The complex textures unwound in the work are meant to be invitations to engage the audience with a question of how we might  reckon with our species-wide epidemic of violence. For example, interactive installation projects and performances that acknowledge audience members, can be understood as my part of a dialogue. My practices as an artist, community member, educator and learner are grounded in a persistent curiosity about the potential of a collective imagination. Currently,  I am based in the California Bay Area / Ohlone Land, and was born and raised in Sacramento / Nisenan Land.


Interview with Christian Guerrero @ The  Filipino Garage podcast, Fall 2019

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